In 2010-2012 fully renovated property. Property has now been uninhabited. Ready for occupation. • New electrical installation 3x25 Amp, * All walls in the house have multiple plug sockets. • New roof constructions with tiles roofs, • New central heating (Bosch) in all rooms. • CV is controlled with thermostat in the living room. • Fully insulated walls, • New laminate in all rooms and doub... More info

It is an independent family house with 100 m2 living space and 3000 m2 front and rear garden. The roof has space to be built-in and it also has a little terrace.In the village you can find small markets with all the basic food you may need. Also can buy milk, eggs from small family "manufactures". If you would like to own a property where you can spend your time and relax this is the rig... More info